Our body often surprises us with its complex and remarkable abilities to heal itself after an injury or trauma. The skin when injured will automatically set into motion a set of events to repair itself which include haemostasis, defensive/inflammatory, proliferative and maturation phase.

Firstly in haemostasis phase, our body activates is emergency system by regulating the release of platelet to initiate the formation of a fibrin mesh. Next phase is inflammatory phase in which the skin will remove debris and bacteria to prepare itself for new tissue growth. In third phase (proliferaive), the wound will be rebuilt with new tissue made up of collagen and extracellular matrix. Lastly in maturation phase, collagen fibres reorganize and the skin tissue remodelled which lead to an overall strength of tensile.

And that’s how our skin regenerate itself, amazing isn’t it?

However unfortunately for some people their skin ability to repair itself is constricted by few limitations such as diabetes, obesity, poor circulation, compromised immune system, and many more.

For instance, 3 million Malaysian in 2017 are plagued with diabetes and this statistic will keep rising to 183 million by the next 20 years if there’s no preventive measure to curb these prevalent issue. People with diabetes usually have poor blood circulation to parts of their body which made the skin healing process problematic. This is what causes many of them to suffer from gangrene and amputations.

Dr Nabisar Woundcare consists of bioactive compounds specially known for its healing properties and anti-inflammatory action to speed up the recovery process by addressing the four phases involved in skin regeneration as mentioned earlier.