Vaccine Covid 19 is the main topic of discussion every where these days. Covid 19 have rocked the world. Initially many people relaxed because they thought it is another flu like virus. However this attitude changed immediately when they start seeing the number of people in ICU and high number of fatality cases. Many countries have implemented partial or complete shutdown to curb the spread of this virus.

Started in Wuhan China in Dec 2019 and now as at 23rd March 2020, it has spread to 183 countries (WHO). This is an alarming situation and no one expected it to spread so fast. Only 12 countries yet to have any recorded Covid 19 case. People are panicking after seeing the covid 19 patient sufferings in the ICU and the enormous no of deaths.
People are looking for a vaccine covid 19 and at current time there is no vaccine available.

However there are so many plant actives or biodrugs with fantastic antiviral activities. This need to be highlighted to the public. Scientist such as biochemist and microbiologist like myself have pioneered a new field of healthcare which uses biodrugs to cure patients. We do exactly like what pharmaceutical company does, except our starting material is liquid from plants and the pharmaceutical company uses chemical compounds to start synthesizing or producing medicine. Therefore many biodrugs are safe to use and non toxic if compared to its chemical counterpart. Biodrugs or natural medicine is scientifically validated for safety and effectiveness. Herbal medicine is linked to old way of producing medicine without scientific validation for safety and efficacy. In herbal medicine the quantity or concentration is not verified scientifically which also posses many questions on its efficacy in curing people.

Please do take these plant bioactives in looking after your family and you during the Covid 19 pandemic. The potent antiviral plant actives are: turmeric, acerola, syzium cumini, curry leaves, ginger, galangal, neem, betel leaves, thulsi and indian borage.

Natural medicine or natural cure for covid 19 is high Vitamin C in our researched product called Phytocrack by DR Nabisar, a natural Vit C tablet when taken produce Hydrogen peroxide in our body to kill virus infected cells.