Allopathy uses chemical as their medicine. TCM and Ayurveda uses plants and we use plant extracts and preclinical and clinical studies in determining our medicine is safe, effective, quality and affordable.

TCM * Ayurveda

TCM & Ayurveda uses plants for treatment of diseases and conditions. TCM & Ayurveda have existed for a long time and  it has been used to treat people. 

Herbal is safe and effective if developed and produced according to scientific methods. Our herbal solution is also affordable. It is developed for the global community to use it to take care of health and well being. Our users call us the Herbal Specialist because many have benefited from our medicine. 

We use our expertise in bringing safe and effective solutions for enhancing the lives of people and improving their well beings. The interrelationship of these fields are very important in discovering, developing and commercializing any success full products for the well being of people for better living anywhere in the world.
Our herbal specialist produce herbal solution for:

  • Managing sugar
  • Managing cholesterol
  • Managing blood flow
  • Wound
  • Fever
  • Throat
  • Decongestant
  • Sinusitis reliever
  • Headache
  • Islamic food (makanan sunah)
  • Trans dermal treatment creams
  • Degenerative medicine
  • Supplements
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Value added food
  • Cosmetics & toiletries
  • Parasitic related disease treatment (eg Lice treatment)
  • Food supplements for eye care)
  • Mosquito related disease treatment (eg Dengue fever)


As the Natural medicine specialist, we continously discover new medicinal extracts and enhance our products to meet the high demand of people. We want to be a global leader and a household brand locally and internationally and develop a strong base of users of our products and services because they believe we are the best in the natural medicine industry for health and beauty and we care. What we use for ourselves is what we offer to you.

To champion the use of plant extracts in eliminating diseases, maintaining health and long longevity at affordable price. We continuously enhance and improve our products and services through research and development. We also develop new products based on user needs.

Our Formulation Innovation

In our quest to provide the best of Mother Nature to fellow users of health and beauty product and services, we have utilized the latest in house discoveries and innovations for maximum user satisfaction.

We have enhanced and innovated the whole value chain from raw material to finished products. We have discovered new methods of isolation, extraction, process enhancement and commercialization.

Our PLANT extracts

We at Cambridge Biotek Sdn Bhd know the important of the right biocompounds for healing. The different plant parts produce different bioactives and they have different functions. Plant and herbs can provide healing bioactive molecules and if not selected properly it can be detrimental to health. Therefore we carefully identify from which plant part we extract these bioactives. We test them vigourously for safety and effectiveness before incorporating them in our formulation.

We incorporate these bioactives to form a homogenous network in our foumulation in producing high quality, effective natural products for end user consumption.

Our Promise To You

  • Developing superior methods of extracting bio actives that are beneficial to mankind and also to retain the activity of these bio actives
  • We combine the bio actives in a homogeneous manner for optimal bioactivity functionality
  • We formulate high quality end user consumer products using these bio actives which are safe, effective, halal and affordable
  • The look and feel of the finished products are tailored to the modern user requirements since many bio actives have unique look and smell which may not be palatable to the modern consumers.


To be a global leader in the bio-pharma health and beauty industry by using scientifically validated bio-compounds known for goodness and well being and combining it with advanced biotechnology in providing safe, effective

To provide quality products and services that exceeds the customer’s expectations

Mission statement:
To build long term relationships with our product & service users and provide exceptional product & services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology

Core values:
We believe Mother Nature has the answer for wellbeing, health, beauty and happiness by providing us the best natural bioactives which can be intelligently utilized in its existing form or modified for the betterment of everyone.