How bad can a slipped disc be?

Many people that I’ve encountered with slipped disc would describe it as a horrible excruciating pain. The pain radiates like a cross on the back, straight up from tail bone to the middle of spine and left to right across sides just under the rib cage. There are even cases with people not be able to walk without falling to the ground or have severe back spasm which made them collapse. In more severe cases, the pressure on the spinal cord can lead to paralysis below the waist.

It can affect people livelihood. It hinder people from doing their day-to-day activities, affecting their working life and even mental health. Usually if this condition doesn’t improve it will make the sufferers feels so defeated.

As we age, we tend to loss the elasticity of the discs and supporting structures. Some people may experience a slipped disc due to trauma from falling, improper lifting and excessive strain forces associated with physical activities.

People may recover from it through series of exercises but for severe cases, seeking help from chiropractic or physiotherapists can be worth considering.  Phytoheat by Dr Nabisar is natural-inflammation-fighting, and pain relief formula that can be very therapeutic for a slipped disc sufferer.