Miss V pencuci wanita

Miss V pencuci wanita dari pengilang pencuci wanita atau ‘feminine…
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Sakit gigi

Sakit gigi teruk betul hari ini. Klinik doktor gigi belum…
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Gula stevia

Stevia adalah pemanis sihat untuk pesakit kencing manis dan pra kencing manis. Ianya natural, sihat dan melindungi badan dari penyakit kencing manis.
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Covid19 treatments

People are so worried about Covid19. This is because the…
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Malaysia Covid19 Daily report

Malaysia Covid19 Daily report as reported very day since Malaysia…
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Hand sanitizer to prevent Covid19 infection

Hand sanitizer prevent covid19 infection. These days everyone is looking for hand sanitizers to prevent infection from covid19. The question is, is the hand sanitizer is a disinfectant to be used against Covid19? Only when it has disinfectant property it could prevent you from getting microbial, viral, fungal or plasmodium infections. Disinfectant can be specific or universal. When the disinfectant is intended only for killing microbes then it is not effective against fungal. When universal, one need to look at the effective concentration of disinfectant in the hand sanitizer against all the intended infection type.
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Vaccine Covid 19

Vaccine Covid 19 is the main topic of discussion every…
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Corona virus, precautions, boost immune system

I asked my friend out to do a bit of…
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Loose and itchy V?

It truly amazes me how a women body can undergoes…
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Are we addicted to cough medicine?

Many of us have been taking cough medicine to help…
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