Toothpaste Natural

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Toothpaste natural cleans teeth, prevent gingivitis, prevent gum diseases and refreshes mouth. It effectively fight against bacteria-forming plaques for a healthy mouth.This anti-plaque toothpaste can prevent cavities and promote healthy gum. Toothpaste natural have very good anti microbial, anti fungal and anti viral activities. So it is a very good mouth disinfectant from natural extracts.

Since it provides protection against oral bacteria and bacterial infection, this herbal toothpaste can also be used as an antibacterial toothpaste by fighting bacteria-forming plaque to prevents plaque build-up. This natural toothpaste is the safest toothpaste to use even for sensitive teeth since it is a non-abrasive toothpaste formula that will not damage your teeth enamel.

Besides being a great toothpaste for oral protection, it is also a great desensitizing toothpaste for inflammation of the gum since it can effectively relieve gum pain. Unlike other mouthwash products, this non-toxic toothpaste formulation is gentle and mild enough to be used as toothpaste for sensitive teeth without any sharp pain and discomfort.

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5 reviews for Toothpaste Natural

  1. Dr Nabisar

    My gums don’t bleed easily. Salwa, 37yrs

  2. Dr Nabisar

    Teeth is whiter and healthier. Don’t get toothache that easily anymore. Ricky, 32yrs

  3. Dr Nabisar

    I feel my gums are getting stronger. Fiza, 25yrs

  4. Dr Nabisar

    I use to have bad mouth odour. Now no more. Bioactive really cleans and protect gum. Sanah, 33 yrs

  5. Dr Nabisar

    Gentle and my gum is stronger and mouth feel clean and smell fresh for a long time. Azahar, 44yrs

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