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Whitening Pimples & Acne Cream

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Dr. Nabisar’s pimple acne cream proves effective in treating acne (mild and moderate) and its spots. Our cream is manufactured using all natural and organic products. So, you can buy this product without any concern. It won’t have any side effect and it will give you desired result safely and fast.

The pimple acne cream is not treated with any chemical and is perfectly risk-free to use it on your face. It does not consist of any type of perfume or antibiotics. Just rinse your face with water properly and then apply this cream. It will reduce acne and lighten the spots, redness, and swelling swiftly. If you are going to apply makeup, then keep 15 minutes of gap between using both.

Simply, use our services of pimple acne cream for sale online and get your acne disappeared securely!

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  • For acne & pimples skin, to clear spot and scars


  • Kills pimple causing bacteria
  • Clears & lighten pimple spots & scars
  • Detoxify & improve skin & pores
  • Provide nutrient to the skin
  • Revitalize and regenerate skin
  • Enhance skin softness and radiance

How to Use

  • Apply on the pimples spot.
  • Massage the cream on the spots until absorbed.


Mulberry, tea tree oil, Acerola, Garcinia cambogia, Centella asiatica, Vitis vinifera, Aqua, Glycerin, Butylene glycol, hydrogenated castor oil, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, EDTA, Allantoin, Methyl benzoate, Ethyl benzoate, Butyl benzoate, Isobutyl benzoate, Propyl benzoate.


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