Mouthwash natural

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Mouthwash natural will fight plaques and bacteria in your mouth to get a healthy mouth.

Mouthwash natural is a great oral care mouthwash rinse that can effectively fight bacteria-forming plaques for a healthy mouth. This anti-plaque mouthwash can prevent cavities and promote healthy gum. Mouthwash natural have anti microbial, anti fungal, anti viral activities.

Since it provides protection against oral bacteria and bacterial infection, this product can also be used as a mouth rinse for bad breath and antiseptic product for gum infection.

Besides being a great mouthwash for mouth ulcers, gingivitis and halitosis, it is also a great alternative to salt water mouthwash for treating sore throat since it can effectively remove bacterial infection.

Unlike other mouthwash products, its formulation is gentle and mild enough to be used as a mouthwash for sensitive teeth without any sharp pain and discomfort.

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5 reviews for Mouthwash natural

  1. Dr Nabisar

    Mouth feel refreshed and good. Rahim, 28yrs

  2. Dr Nabisar

    No more foul smell in the morning. It kills germ very well. Ariffin, 32yrs

  3. Dr Nabisar

    Natural plant mouth was is a must for me every day to maintain freshness. Yusoff, 34yrs

  4. Dr Nabisar

    It is so soothing and freshen my mouth. Shazly, 35yrs

  5. Dr Nabisar

    Gums feel better with this plant mouth wash. Kamal 37yrs

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