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Liver detoxifier from natural plant bioactives cleans and detoxifies your liver. LIVCLEAN is one of the best advanced formulations of liver supplements with plant actives to detoxify the liver. Its formulation inspired by  natural extracts for liver repair. It combined with our NABTECH technology to deliver its superior liver support and quick cleanse. Liver detoxifier removes unwanted toxic from your body, cleans and provide antioxidants to remove antioxidant stress from liver.

Besides providing liver protection against viral, microbial or inflammatory damage, it also provides a boost of vitamins for liver health. It helps liver flushes toxins resulted from unhealthy diet or lifestyles.This liver tonic supplement uses natural and non-toxic plant-based ingredients to provide safe liver cleanse mechanism for an optimum liver condition.

Advanced formulation with phyto-constituents to detoxify liver.


The liver is the largest solid organ in the body; and is also considered a gland because among its many functions,
it makes and secretes bile. The liver is located in the upper right portion of the abdomen protected by the rib cage. It has two main lobes that are made up of tiny lobules. The liver cells have two different sources of blood supply. The hepatic artery supplies oxygen rich blood that is pumped from the heart, while the portal vein supplies nutrients from the intestine and the spleen.

Normally, veins return blood from the body to the heart, but the portal vein allows nutrients and chemicals from the digestive tract to enter the liver for processing and filtering prior to entering the general circulation. The portal vein also efficiently delivers the chemicals and proteins that liver cells need to produce the proteins, cholesterol, and glycogen required for normal body activities.

Liver disease is any disturbance of liver function that causes illness. The liver is responsible for many critical functions within the body and should it become diseased or injured, the loss of those functions can cause significant damage to the body. Liver disease is also referred to as hepatic disease. Liver detoxifier helps to cleanse and detoxifies your liver.

Signs and symptoms of liver disease include:

• Skin and eyes that appear yellowish (jaundice)
• Abdominal pain and swelling
• Swelling in the legs and ankles
• Itchy skin
• Dark urine colour
• Pale stool colour, or bloody or tar-coloured stool
• Chronic fatigue
• Nausea or vomiting
• Loss of appetite
• Tendency to bruise easily


Since the liver is responsible for the functions that affect so many other organs in the body, liver disease and failure may cause complications. Examples include:
• Hepatic encephalopathy: Increased ammonia levels due to the liver’s inability to process and metabolize proteins in the diet can cause confusion, lethargy and coma.

• Abnormal bleeding: The liver is responsible for manufacturing blood clotting factors. Decreased liver function can cause increased risk of bleeding in the body.
• Protein synthesis or manufacture: proteins made in the liver are the building blocks for body function. Lack of protein affects many bodily functions.
• Portal hypertension: Because the liver has such a great blood supply, damage to the liver tissue can increase pressure within the blood vessels in the liver and adversely affect blood flow to other organs.

LivClean is an advanced formulation with phyto constituents to detoxify liver. Liver detoxifier helps to cleanse and detoxifies your liver.

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  1. Dr Nabisar

    Feel more energetic after taking it. Ryan, 44yrs

  2. Dr Nabisar

    Don’t feel sleepy anymore. I have more energy. Nizadi 39yrs

  3. Dr Nabisar

    My skin become better and I don’t feel so tired now. Nancy 46 yrs

  4. Dr Nabisar

    I don’t get tired doing the house work these days. Intan, 51 yrs

  5. Dr Nabisar

    The dots on my cheek disappeared and my skin look nice. Edah 52yrs

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