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Lice lotion get rid of lice much better than comb used for it.Lice is a parasite to the carrier. Lotion get rid of parasite on wet hair and scalp easily. It is easy to use lotion and does not require a kit. Dead parasite guaranteed with the use of this natural anti parasite product. Save money with anti-lice head treatment which effectively get rid of parasite and eggs.

It’s  infestation is a common problem with children globally.  Without proper treatment and management, parasite can spread to other people. LICE is the first plant-based lice killing lotion that is very effective to rid of head parasite and nits from scalp and hair shaft. Compared to other parasite killing shampoo, it is safe to be used for children as it is formulated without the use of malathion or any insecticide. To rid of head parasite effectively, it can be used as part of lice treatment kit with the combination of comb in wet hair. Dead ones guaranteed with the use of this natural anti-lice product. Save money with free shipping purchase of this product.

Parasite infestation is a common problem with children globally.  Without proper head parasite treatment and management with lice shampoo or lice lotion, lice can spread to other people. Lice lotion is the first plant-based lice killing lotion that is very effective to rid of head lice and nits from scalp and hair shaft. It kills the lice and nits so fast in less than 20mins. Lice lotion is an innovative lotion compared to other killing shampoo, it is safe to be used for children as it is formulated without the use of Malathion or any insecticide. Lotion kills the parasite but gentle to the scalp and hair. It is an excellent products to get rid of parasite and won PMLA Innovation Award in Amsterdam.


  • A ticklish feeling on the scalp or neck.
  • An itchy scalp (the result of an allergic reaction to the bug’s saliva).
  • Small red bumps on the scalp, neck and shoulders.
  • The presence of parasite on the scalp.
  • The presence of nits  (eggs) on shafts of hair.
  • Difficulty sleeping, which can lead to irritability.



Head parasite rarely cause direct harm, and they are not known to transmit infectious agents. Thus, they should not be considered as a medical or a public health problem. Head lice may occasionally be burdensome because of annoyance; their movements and reactions to their bites may cause itching and loss of sleep. The louse’s saliva due to their bites may sensitize people, thereby exacerbating the irritation and increasing the chance of secondary infection from excessive scratching. The allergic reactions to the louse’s saliva tend to be minor and transient. Most infestations of head lice begin without out any symptoms, may then become noticeable (manifested by itching) after some weeks, but then become almost ‘silent’ again after another month or two.


Head parasite feed exclusively on blood and take several feeds each day. However, they do not excrete liquid urine or faeces like other blood feeding insects. The effect of the treatment is inhibition of the louse’s ability to excrete water by transpiration through the spiracles. Inability to excrete water that is ingested as part of the louse blood meal appears to subject the louse gut to osmotic stress resulting in rupture.

The smaller parasite which had ingested less blood, suffered gut rupture rather later than the more replete larger louse, presumably because with a lower fluid volume it was able to tolerate any stresses for a longer period. The gut in some fed parasite and most unfed parasite was found to retain its integrity. Death of these parasite was assumed to be entirely related to prolonged immobilisation preventing access to food. 

This situation appears to occur in two stages. During the first stage, the parasite show little physical changes. They are able to feed if given the opportunity, but the abdomen may be seen to decrease in volume. At the second stage, which is reached at any time between 3 and 24 hours following their previous meal, the parasite remain capable of walking, will fasten to the skin and attempt to suck blood, but are unable to feed, presumably because they are too dehydrated to produce the saliva needed to prevent homeostasis. Complete immobility and death may occur at any point after this.

The eggs of the body and head lice possess both a cover (operculum), which is provided with 11 protruding aeropyles (openings), as opposed to the hair, where they are attached with the help of a shaft inside a “goblet”. The treatment acts by suffocating the parasite upon contact by blocking the aeropyles of the eggs, thus preventing the embryos of both races of parasite from accessing oxygen and from releasing carbon dioxide.

Lotion effectively kills in 20 mins. In most cases you need 2 treatment to overcome this live problem in kids. It also can be used for pets.

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5 reviews for Lice

  1. Dr Nabisar

    My daughter and her lice problem whenever she starts her school year. I used your Lice lotion. It smells nice and refreshing and to my surprise most lice and nits was removed in 20mins. Sherlyn 41yrs

  2. Dr Nabisar

    Lice was coming to the top when I applied the lotion to my daughter’s hair. Very fast response ya. Mina, 42yrs

  3. Dr Nabisar

    I used on my pets and it worked so well. Thank you. Marcy, 38yrs

  4. Dr Nabisar

    In 20mins, when I open the towel which I used to wrap my son’s hair, there were so many lice and nits all dead. You make a Punjabi woman very happy because I was worried if this lice problem persist, I had to cut my son’s hair. Very good your lotion. Jaswinder kaur, 38yrs

  5. Dr Nabisar

    First time when I used the lice lotion it smells real plant smell. Then I know it is healthy. So I used on my daughter’s hair, who seems to pick up lice very often during school session. In first application almost all wiped out and in second she got no lice infestation. Salmah 42yrs

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