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Feminine Wash ( V Wash) is a mild and gentle hypoallergenic Wash is suitable for every woman to keep their intimate area clean, fresh and well-balanced. This daily wash is formulated from special plant bio active that can effectively protect the natural pH balance of women’s intimate area. Hence, it is an ideal wash.

Pencuci wanita yang lembut dan efektif dalam membersihkan bahagian intim anda. Ianya membersih, mencuci and membuang kotoran, sel-sel mati, lendir, keputihan dengan mudah. V Wash dibuat dari ramuan tumbuh-tumbuhan yang asli dan semulajadi. Ianya membuang bau yang tak diingini dibahagian ini, menyegarkan dan merawat. Anda boleh rasa sendiri kebaikannya dari mula anda menggunakan V Wash. Ianya menghilangkan masalah gatal atau kekeringan di vagina. Ianya melindungi dan memelihara bahagian ini. Tiada masalah keputihan, kekeringaan, gatal atau bau yang tidak disenangi.

Using harsh feminine cleansing product for intimate hygiene may sometimes disrupt the pH balance, hence lead to irritation, vaginal discomfort and unpleasant odor. This multipurpose feminine care products also acts as an antibacterial wash for women intimate area to prevent bacterial and viral infection which may lead to leucorrhea (white discharge). Unlike other generic feminine soap, this natural feminine wash also protects against dryness by protecting the skin natural moisture layer.


Vaginal discharge is a fluid released by glands in the vagina and cervix. The fluid carries dead cells and bacteria out of the body. Vaginal discharge functions in keeping the vagina clean and prevent infection. Normal vaginal discharge varies in amount and ranges in colour from clear to milky, white discharge. Discharge may have a slight odour as well. However, a foul fishy odour might be a sign of an infection.

There are times when discharge amounts changes. Usually, after a period, there is almost no discharge. Two to three days later after the period ends, there is a thick, white discharge. A few days later, the consistency changes to appear more like mucous. Before ovulation, the discharge becomes clear and sticky, and before the next period, discharge has thick and white consistency.

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is thin, white, milky and mild smelling. The amount of discharge also increases during pregnancy. However, during premenopausal and menopause, discharge decreases due to low levels of oestrogen. Figure 1 shows the product picture.


There are several different types of vaginal discharge. These types are categorized based on their colour and consistency. Some types of discharge are normal. Others may indicate an underlying condition that requires treatment.


A bit of white discharge, especially at the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle, is a normal discharge. However, if thick, white discharge goes along with other symptoms, such as itching, burning and irritation, it is probably due to a yeast infection. If not, it is normal discharge. Yeast infection discharge is caused by an overgrowth of fungus in the vagina. Symptoms of yeast infection discharge include a thick, white, cottage cheese-like discharge, along with itching, redness, irritation and burning.

Brown or bloody

Brown or bloody discharge is usually normal, especially when it occurs during or right after the menstrual cycle. A late discharge at the end of the period can look brown instead of red. A small amount of bloody discharge between periods is called spotting. If spotting occurs during the normal time of your period and recently had sex without protection, this could be a sign of pregnancy. In rare cases, brown or bloody discharge can be a sign of advanced cervical cancer.

Clear and watery

A clear and watery discharge is perfectly normal. It can occur at any time of the month. It may be especially heavy after exercise.

Clear and stretchy

When discharge is clear but stretchy and mucous-like, rather than watery, it indicates that the body are likely ovulating. This is a normal type of discharge.

Yellow or green

Yellow discharge is abnormal discharge, as this is a sign of a bacterial infection or sexually transmitted infection. A yellow or green discharge, especially when it’s thick, chunky, or accompanied by an unpleasant smell, isn’t normal. This type of discharge may be a sign of the infection trichomoniasis. It’s commonly spread through sexual intercourse.


Any change in the vagina’s balance of normal bacteria can affect the smell, colour, or discharge texture. These are a few of the things that can upset that balance:

  • Antibiotic or steroid use
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Birth control pills
  • Cervical cancer
  • Chlamydia or gonorrhoea (STDs), sexually transmitted infections
  • Diabetes
  • Douches, scented soaps or lotions, bubble bath
  • Pelvic infection after surgery
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Vaginal atrophy, the thinning and drying out of the vaginal walls during menopause
  • Vaginitis, irritation in or around the vagina
  • Yeast infections



Vaginal discharge usually begins around the time a girl gets her first period. It can start up to six months before having first period. This is when the body undergoes many hormonal changes. The type of vaginal discharge the body produces can shift during the menstrual cycle and during the lifetime.

Piper betle: Betel leaf contains tannins, chavicol, phenyl, propane, sesquiterpene, cyneole, alkaloid, piperine sugar and some essential oil which confer it the following properties, wound healing, aromatic, pain reliever, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, analgesic, cooling, soothing, mild stimulant, euphoria-inducing, anticarcinogenic, ant mutagenic, antioxidant and diuretic.

Betel leaf help to cleanse the vagina, used to reduce inflammation and relieve itching. It also helps in getting rid of bad vaginal odour, vaginal itching and control thick vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea). It also able to inhibit the radiation induced lipid per-oxidation process effectively and has the ability to scavenge free radicals involved in the initiation and propagation steps. It protects vaginal tissues from damages and neutralizes free radicals due to overgrowth of vaginal flora.

Azadirachta indica (neem/semambu): an effective treatment for candida infection of the vagina in women. The strong antifungal properties of Neem combined with immunomodulatory effects lead to a rapid and complete healing in systemic Candida overgrowth. Azadirachta indica demonstrated antibacterial potential against gram positive and negative bacteria. The phyto-constituents of Azadirachta indica are alkaloids, glycosides, flavanoids and saponins which are importance components that possess antibiotic principles of plants.

Acerola berry: possess antioxidant qualities that help in maintaining and prevent damaging oxidation in the body and stimulate the immune system. The mineral salts contain and promote the rejuvenation of tired and stressed skin, and proteins in acerola prevent drying. The extract is also useful in treating fungal skin infections.

Mint/Menthol: is an effective antimicrobial in fighting both bacteria and fungi which can lead to irritation and inflammation. Mint main component is menthol which is a known anti-inflammatory that can sooth an irritated scalp and prevent further irritation and inflammation from reoccurring.

Gentle surfactant: Most of product use sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) as their surfactant which is knows as an eye, skin and respiratory tract irritant. Feminine Wash contains dihydroxyethyl oleyl glycinate which is a bio surfactant derived from Elaeis guineensis (species of palm) that does not cause such irritant. Dihydroxyethyl oleyl glycinate is a non-ionic mild surfactant that can be used as a foaming agent, foam boosting, foaming abilities, conditioner or emulsifier. It also can reduce the irritation of the other surfactants and resistance to hard water. Lauryl glucoside has excellent foaming capacity and good dermatological compatibility.

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    No more smell, I feel revitalized and refreshed. Mona 48yrs

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    I feel so good and refreshed and my partner enjoys the nice essential oil smell. Maris 36yrs

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    It soothes my Miss V and no more dryness. Yvonne 29yrs

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    I use to suffer from white discharge but now it is a past thing. No more stain. Nizati, 49yrs

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    The natural Feminine wash is such a plus for me. I was looking for one and finally found mine. It makes me feel like a complete woman. Wong Mei, 35yrs

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