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Best toner is a face toner for all skin types and one of the best toner for whitening. Best toner is a natural toner formulated with plant bio-actives with skin brightening properties. For that reason, it is one of the best toner for dark spots and toner for dull skin. It is a universal toner suitable for all skin type for toning face

Besides that, best toner can also act as a pore refining toner to minimize the appearance of the pore. It can effectively remove excess sebum, leftover makeup residues and unclog the pore, hence making it a suitable toner for oily acne prone skin.

Best toner is also a water-based toner that hydrates, soothes and refreshes the skin without giving you a greasy feeling on the skin. Use this toner after cleansing the face with our whitening cleanser for optimum result.


Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C): is an antioxidant that helps regenerate other antioxidants in the body. It improves the absorption of non-heme iron and plays a vital role in building connective tissue and wound healing. It also delays the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin and body.

The antioxidant properties of vitamin C play a role in collagen synthesis, and they help in treating sunburn. Vitamin C is a required component for the production of hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine, both of which are needed to bind the molecules that produce collagen. This, in turn, firms and tones the skin. Collagen deficiency makes the skin dull and lifeless. Collagen rejuvenates the skin from the roots and reduces wrinkles and symptoms of aging.

Vitamin C protects DNA from photochemical reactions and also inhibits the production of pyrimidine dimers that are the primary cause of melanomas in humans. It lightens dark discoloration such as skin freckles and age spots, providing younger and smoother skin as a result. Vitamin C increases the formation of elastin, which thickens, protects, and heals the skin cells. The thickening effect helps retain moisture, increases the skin circulation, and plumps up the skin surface.

Glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice): is anti-inflammatory in nature and is very useful in balancing out the hormonal levels in a woman’s body especially oestrogen. Oestrogen is the hormone responsible for the acne outbreak in women. Liquorice extract is obtained from the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra. The main component of the hydrophobic fraction of liquorice is glabridin. Glabridin has been shown to prevent UVB-induced pigmentation and to inhibit tyrosinase activity, superoxide anion production and cyclo-oxygenase activity. This suggests an influence of glabridin extract on both melanogenesis and inflammation of the skin.

Berries: contain Anthocyanin, ellagic acid, Essential fatty acids and Vitamin C. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant that helps mitigate damage from free radicals on the skin. Ellagic acid is an antioxidant that protects skin from sun damage and hinders the formation of an enzyme that breaks down elastin and collagen in the skin. Essential fatty acids are crucial element for general health as they can improve skin’s hydration and smoothness, and also reduce inflammation. Vitamin C on the other hand is a strong antioxidant that protects skin from free radicals. It hydrates the skin and increases collagen and elastin levels.

Witch hazel and chamomile: Anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel and chamomile make it effective for soothing pain. The anti-inflammatory power of both witch hazel and chamomile extract will aid the skin in healing and help to cool down burning sensation.

5 reviews for BEST TONER

  1. Dr Nabisar

    Instant closure of pores with just one spray. I love it. Ita, 26yrs

  2. Dr Nabisar

    Never have I felt such a nice cooling sensation. Kilah, 27 yrs

  3. Dr Nabisar

    I like the natural plant product. So gentle to the skin. Leena, 37 yrs

  4. Dr Nabisar

    The toner provide instant hydration. This helps my skin. Ranjit, 44yrs

  5. Dr Nabisar

    It leaves m skin feeling freshen, tight and nourished with special plant actives. Linda 35yrs

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