Wound cream is used to treat an injury due to cut, blow, or other impact, typically one in which the skin is cut or broken. There are 3 types of injury and the cream can be used for all this:

1.Cuts, lacerations, gashes and tears which go through the skin to the fat tissue.
2. Scrapes, abrasions, scratches and floor burns which are surface wounds
3. Bruises. These are bleeding into the skin from damaged blood vessels.

It is a fast healing cream. It is one of the most advanced healing products in Malaysia. It is formulated with plant with potent healing properties to speed up all the phases involved in skin recovery. It is a safe, non-toxic and natural healing cream for open and diabetics wounds, cuts and bruises without the side effects of chemically synthesized drugs. It can be used with or without plaster to gently and effectively care for the wound.

When there is an opening in the skin, the opening need to be closed fast. If not infection will take over and one will get pus. Our cream quickly covers the wound be fast granulation and cell formation at the wound site. Therefore the healing happens fast.The cream id made from many extracts which is scientifically known to cover and heal wound fast. This golden brown natural cream is gentle to the wound. It soothes and moisturizes the cut area too. It is a non oily cream which penetrates and absorbs very fast. He does not stain. The cream have very good anti microbial activity to prevent from infection. It has a pleasant plant smell because we use high concentration of different natural extracts for fast covering of the opening and heal. The anti inflammation activity of the cream prevents inflamed wound and soothes any sores or inflammation.

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