Cough is one of the best natural medicine for dry, chesty, tickle and whooping cough. It is non drowsy cough syrup. It provides the best cough relief for adults and children. it also effectively loosens up thick mucus and phlegm. Hence, serves as a great anti mucus and phlegm medicine as well. This formulation is non-intrusive and non-toxic to delicately relieve and hence serves as an ideal cough suppressant for kids. It is the best remedy.

This natural medicine is free from chemical substance or drugs side effects. Unlike other typical cold and flu medicine like honey syrup or over the counter antiviral medicine, our syrup is formulated from the highest quality standardized plant extracts. The syrup safely delivers its antitussive properties. Since our syrup is not drowsy, you can work and drive after taking it.

All the natural extracts have been scientifically validated for effectiveness in treating cough. The concentration of plant extracts is optimum for curing cough and phlegm. You can experience it yourself, you feel much better just after taking few times. It is also enriched with high antioxidants and immune booster. The high concentration of Vitamin C boost your immune system and heal you faster. The high concentration of antioxidant removes free radicals. In doing so, it acts as a good surveillance system in preventing cancer and such.

We also make sure this syrup is also good for diabetic patients. So we are not using sugar for sweetening purpose but using Stevia. Stevia is a non calorific sugar which prevents diabetic patients from sugar spike. Stevia is a natural extract from plant. It is safe and helps diabetic patients in their sugar craving without sugar spike.
Other plant extracts have very good anti microbial, anti fungal and anti viral activities.

This syrup beside being good for your cough and phlegm, it also boost your immune system and don’t cause any sugar spikes due to the natural sweeteners in the content.

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