BODY WASH is a natural moisturizing wash that can deeply cleanse the skin. It is formulated with non-stripping and moisturizing formula which makes it a great clean for dry and sensitive skin. It is mild, gentle and non-irritating for every skin types.The foam forming plant ingredient or surfactant is made from plant actives and not from chemicals. It cleanses your skin deeply without stripping the natural oil in skin. So you skin feels smooth and moisturized after each clean.

Unlike other ordinary body cleanser soap, this bio-active clean is also formulated as a special medicated wash. It soothes and prevents dry and flaky skin, hence suitable for eczema prone skin. The essential oil refresh and revitalize the body. Just like a spa body clean, it creates a pleasant relaxing experience with every clean.

It acts as disinfectant because it have anti microbial, anti fungal and anti viral activities. These properties are scientifically validated.
It also have high antioxidant property to protect and remove free radicals and make you skin soft and supple.
The bio actives also provides nutrient for the skin, nourishes and protects it.

Since it is a daily body wash it must be gentle to the skin, remove dirt and grease and protects your natural skin oil. That is the reason we used very gentle plant surfactant. Plant surfactant is foams made from plant. It is small bubbles but gently cleanse your skin. It makes your skin smooth and nice to touch. We also have added other plant extracts to provide nourishment, moisturize and protect your skin. We have provided natural vitamin c, other anti oxidant extracts and also moisturizing bio actives to make your skin soft and supple. The anti oxidants remove free radicals from your skin during show and this prevents skin cancer. The anti oxidants are bio actives which can remove free radicals from the skin.

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