Dental care

Dental care consist of Mouthwash and tooth paste. Dental care must be effective against bacteria and refreshes mouth. Bacteria causes the bad breath and also forms plaques. It is a desirable dental wash because it have anti microbial activity and refreshes mouth longer. It is a great dental care because it effectively fight bacteria-forming plaques for a healthy mouth. This dental care can prevent cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis and promote healthy gum. It has plant actives with anti-microbial, anti-fungal, antiviral activities. You don’t need chemical called chlorhexidine to act as your disinfectant. Chlrohexidine dental care cannot be continuously used for a long time as well. The plant actives acts as a very good anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory agents.

It has the following properties as well:
1. It helps reduce tooth decay and prevent cavities.
2. Astringent salt. It covers up bad breath.
3. Odor neutralizers. This prevents bad breath.
4. Plant whiteners. They can help against stains on your teeth.

We have carefully selected the plant extracts with beneficial activity required for the tooth, gum, oral hygiene and aging.
These plant bio actives have been scientifically verify before incorporating them in the mouth wash. This gargle need to be used at least 60 seconds or a minute to see the good effects of the plant extracts. The whitening of the tooth is done by water based extracts. Unlike other mouthwash products, its formulation is gentle and mild enough to be used as a mouthwash as many time as needed. Since it is very gentle yet very effective in the functions, they tooth upon removing stain is not porous. Increasing the porosity of the tooth is bad because it makes your tooth very sensitive in no time and compromise the lasting of the tooth. Since it is a food grade bio actives, if it accidently taken in, it is not going to cause any problems.

The gum becomes much healthier using our mouthwash. It strengthen the tooth and the gum. The blood flow becomes better. You can
observed the changes in the colour of the gum. It will not be pale anymore.

Toothpaste, cleans teeth, prevent gingivitis, prevent gum diseases and refreshes mouth. It effectively fight against bacteria-forming plaques for a healthy teeth and gum.This anti-plaque toothpaste can prevent cavities and promote healthy gum. This bio active oral care have very good anti microbiall, anti fungal and anti viral activities. So it is a very good mouth disinfectant from natural extracts.

Since it provides protection against oral bacteria and bacterial infection, this herbal oral care can also be used as an antibacterial paste by fighting bacteria-forming plaque to prevents plaque build-up. This natural oral care is the safest toothpaste to use even for sensitive teeth since it is a non-abrasive toothpaste formula that will not damage your teeth enamel.

Toothpaste is a key part of your daily oral hygiene routine. Along with your toothbrush and floss it helps to remove food debris and plaque from your teeth and gums.

Our toothpaste have the following properties:

1. Antibacterial, anti fungal, anti Viral activity provided by the plant extracts. So you don’t have to use

2. Naturally derived Forming agent which cleanses your teeth, gum and mouth

3. Mild abrasive from minerals and extracts. Combine with your tooth brush it removes debris and surface stains.

4. Flavoring agents. Natural flouring agent such as essential plant oil used.

5. Thickening agents. Also known as binders, these help to stabilize the toothpaste formula.

6. Decay preventative with our natural bio actives

7. Stain removal with plant bio actives

8. Whitening with our on cold process Salvadora persica (miswak) extraction
known for oral care goodness. Tannin in miswak protects the teeth.

This natural toothpaste cleans your teeth, gum and mouth. It prevents tooth decay. It strengthen your gum.
It removes stain gently but effective in giving you a whiter teeth.The plant extracts are formulated into a nice paste. This paste when rubbed onto the teeth during the brushing effort removes stains and gives you a whiter teeth.

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