Woman care focuses in woman products. In woman care we have woman gel, feminine wash, woman energy and breast cream. We celebrate woman products because that are important in giving exactly what a women need for her pleasure, enjoyment, protecting and managing her health and well being.
Woman care are made from selected and scientifically validated plant actives in providing you beneficial goodness for your well beings.
Feminine wash, V wash cleans your vagina and gives your a freshness that any other product cannot provide as mentioned by our users in our field study. It prevents white discharge and smelly odor from your vagina. Feminine wash have anti microbial, anti fungal and anti viral activity from plant bio-actives.
Woman gel is the first anti microbial, anti fungal and anti viral
intra-vaginal gel using plant actives for white discharge. It maintains your inside vaginal environment at PH 4 to 4.5 which is the natural pH condition.
It also tightens your vagina for better friction during sexual intimacy with your partner.

Breast cream to enlarge and firms your breast. VMANN capsules to provide you tight vagina muscle for better friction and energy during sexual intimacy.

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