If you have two medicines to choose from – a natural drug and a chemical-based drug, which one would you prefer?

When it comes to our health, whether for addressing an illness or improving one’s wellbeing, it’s important to use the right medication for our body.

The drugs we used and consume often involve complex therapeutic compounds and it could be synthetic or natural depending on the sources from which the drugs were created. Natural drugs such as morphine and aspirin are made from compounds found in nature; whereas its human-made counterparts are synthesized chemically in the laboratory to produce drugs aren’t found in nature.

The most common notion when it comes to natural drug is that they are less potent and have fewer side effects compared to synthetic drugs which are true to some extent. They tend to have more therapeutic effects compared to synthetic drugs since they can work synergistically to contribute or detract from the effect of each individual ingredient. Thanks to its complex structural diversity and novelty when compared to synthetic molecules that allows for more selective binding to targets. This also brings forward the notion that potent doesn’t always meant better for us since drugs can sometimes be too strong for some people to handle. As long it alleviates the illness or delivers its health benefits, its effectiveness depends on you.

Currently, natural drugs are much less expensive than the synthetic drugs, hence making them more cost efficient for long term commitment especially for those that rely on medications for treating their illness. In Dr Nabisar, we offer natural drugs as an alternative for conventional drugs that can be used in complementary fashion with reduced toxicities and maximized therapeutic outcomes to address people concerns on health and wellness.



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