Non invasive, non tacky, easy transdermal penetration for fast delivery of bioactives At Dr Nabisar we want to offer a different method of delivery using our largest organ, the skin. It is one of the simplest form, inexpensive yet very effective in many conditions. We want to share this in house developed innovative technology in taking care of your wellbeing and health.

The demand for better, safer and faster health and beauty care based on natural resources combined with the emergence of new diseases and avoidance of chemically synthesized medicine contributes to the mounting need for biopharma. Hence the birth of NABTECH TECHNOLOGY. At Dr Nabisar, we are continuously developing state of the art technology for the growing demand for better healthcare and beauty care. We have developed NABTECH for enhancing and improving people’s life. This technology is developed in house. It allows the product to penetrate and produce responses immediately. It is a non invasive, safe, non tacky and produce quick responses and it is user friendly.
Dr Nabisar

“I passionately believe through evolution, Mother Nature has created and developed the best of bio-molecules for us to discover and utilize for health and wellbeing.”