Malaysia Covid19 Daily report as reported very day since Malaysia had first imported Covid19 case.

We Malaysians get to hear the latest report on Covid19 infection nos on daily basis at 5.00 PM. This information is provided by the Director General of Malaysian Health Ministry.  He provides information on:

  1. The no of new cases
  2. How many patients are discharged
  3. How many deaths in the day.
  4. Red zone area
  5. Screening for Covid19
  6. Then he would answer questions posed by the reporters.

The cut off time for Malaysia Covid19 Daily report is 12 noon each day. However many Malaysians require more information than that.The literacy and exposure level of many Malaysians are very impressive. There are scientist, engineers, chemist, physicist, microbiologist, biochemist, teachers, innovators, doctors, lawyers and others watching this news reporting. They want to have information at their fingertips. Government in the effort to make Malaysia as a first world country have provided infrastructure like internet for us to becoming an informed society. Malaysian search for information everywhere and this is commendable and they share these information in Whats-app.   The no of Whats-app messages passed among the mobile phone users are very high. Many are using these messages for the following reasons:

  1. To know about this virus
  2. Disinfectant used to safeguard one self
  3. How other countries are managing it
  4. How we can help our own country and other because there are many professionals with talented skills and now how. We can see disinfection chamber made by a university up North. Although it is simple, it is a big achievement for a sense of togetherness in our community, where we are trying to come together in this difficult time.

We would request for more information in Malaysia Covid19 Daily be provided at the 5 PM update by the DG and his team. Maybe they already have this information it will be good to share with the public. The information which will add value are:

  1. What is the aging process from identifying the individual as positive Covid19 to eventually discharging them?
  2. Which therapy or therapies is proving to be successful for treatment in Malaysia? Using Hyroxychloroquinine, antibody recovered from the cured patients or other antibiotics or other medicines?
  3. Of all the treatment provided to the patients, which has been damaging or greater side effects?
  4. In Malaysia, is there any cases of reinfection? If there are, how many cases? Is the virus is still virulent (have symptoms) in this instance? Or there is no symptoms.
  5. Since Malaysia have so many plant extracts with medicinal value, have any research conducted so far with these extracts in vitro? Or if progress have been made In vitro, have studied commenced In vivo with certain cell line?