It truly amazes me how a women body can undergoes major transformation during pregnancy and after labour or delivery (post-partum). Some women might say that motherhood is one of the most rewarding experiences they felt in their life. Cradling new baby in their arms must felt truly emotional for them.

It’s a miracle that a tiny human being is made with their actual body. However, along with this excitement, it also can took a toll on their body. Besides having to shed off the extra weight, they also have to deal with loose vagina due to muscles contracting and expanding repeatedly during labour.

Especially for women undergo a natural childbirth, their vagina might have ripped (some more, some less), widening the entire perineum, region between the vagina and the anus.  Ouch!

Malaysian women have been seeking midwives (bidan) treatment for centuries to help them bounce their body back to their pre-labor condition. Vmane Gel by Dr Nabisar consists of bio-actives from various plants that are traditionally used to help women with this intimate problem.