We take pride in our careful interpretation of raw data for creating value to the users. We are equipped in house to carry out latest analysis.

We offer services for traditional medicine testing and cosmetic testing for other companies. We also test raw material suitability for product development. We help our clients in doing testing for raw materials from Malaysia forest and jungle beside their planted herbs and plants. Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is provided to these clients for product registration or for inspection of export purposes.

We carry out test such as stability, microbial, heavy metal, diagnostics, characterization on microorganisms, raw materials, bio-actives/plant extracts and finished products.

There are many bio-actives/plant extracts from the tropics that is not tested for their activity or characterized. Contaminants from the surrounding or growing area also hardly determined. In addition to this, there is a lack of microbial or heavy metal toxicity studies. Therefore we offer these services. We also characterize novel molecules from rare species of plant or unknown for product developments or incorporation into our finished products.