As a woman age, the return to a more youthful and passionate way of life can often seem daunting. Especially for those going through menopause or recovering from a childbirth, it can take weeks or even months to regain their energy, body shape, libido and younger looking self. It can be frustrating not only to the women, but also to the spouse. Sometimes exercises and diet alone do not give the results we as women hoped for or expected. Herbal supplements can often help and Kacip Fatimah may be one of the best.

Perfectly fits its name, Kacip Fatimah also known scientifically as Labisia pumila is a women’s boosting herb native to Malaysia. it has been used for so many generations in the Malay world as ‘jamu’ for pre-natal and post-natal uses by women. Traditionally, it is used to enhance vitality, overcome tiredness and help to tone vaginal muscles for women

But as in most cases in traditional medicine, many people are still skepticals towards its efficacy. However, research have showed that it’s efficacy is not a myth. Apart from its pro-estrogenous properties, it is also scientifically proven for its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-fungal properties which might be due to its high phenolics and flavonoid compounds. Based on these findings, I personally believe it is a very effective and beneficial herb for women based on these findings. That is why, women care products formulated by Dr Nabisar such as VMane Capsule and Feminine Wash (Dara Harumi) are formulated with Kacip Fatimah as health maintenance for women.