Most of you must have heard about Kacip Fatimah. Kacip Fatimah or the scientific name is Labisia pumila is popular among Malaysian women because it is known to give benefits to their energy and also good for their reproductive organ. The most popular benefit of Kacip Fatimah is Kacip Fatimah used to tighten the vaginal. There is research done about Kacip Fatimah that prove this plant has a high content of antioxidant that can protect from cell damage caused by UV irradiation. Kacip Fatimah is also proven to able relieve menopausal symptoms because this plant contains a compound that similar to estrogens.

Most women today are busy and always tired and some of them are less concern about their inner health. For married women usually, they need extra energy. Traditionally, Kacip Fatimah is prepared by boiling the roots or the leaves then taken orally. But now Kacip Fatimah can be found in many products.

Vmane Capsule by DrNabisar is formulated especially for women and this capsule contain Kacip Fatimah in their ingredient. This capsule is packed with antioxidants which are vital for strengthening, enhancing and rejuvenating the women body. This health supplement also can improve energy level, increase women’s libido and tighten vagina muscle to improve intimacy.