‘Hey! I’m working hard for you, filtering all the bad stuff from your blood. Convert all the things that you ate into energy. Help me out so that I can help you.’

This is the kind of a conversation you might have with your liver if it can talk to you. Well actually they do! They might not literally talk to you, but they communicate through sending signs and symptoms.  If you’re doing a great job with your diet, they will function smoothly.

However, if you kept making wrong choices in your diet, you’re indirectly making your liver work harder for you. Yellowing of the eyes or skin; feeling nausea, and loss of appetite and tenderness in the upper abdomen; or any unusual changes in mental state, personality or behaviour might be the signs and symptoms your liver telling you that they are not okay.

Eating salty, fatty, greasy, and sugar-packed foods everyday will eventually ‘knockout’ your liver earlier before its time. Your liver is defenceless against these junk food, hence making it prone to liver problem and inflammation. Inflammation that continues over time will eventually leads to permanent damage. As a result, your liver problem may progress into fibrosis, cirrhosis or even cancer.

In the end, a healthier diet will result in healthier liver, hence healthier you!