We always said these, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

But sometimes life demands can be too much and it takes a toll on your energy levels. Heavy workload at home, office or school often times can be too overwhelming and it’s hard for us to stay focus especially when you don’t have a good sleep at night.

I’ve seen mothers with a newborn baby with sleepless night, students with examinations and assignments to catch up and of course, individual like me with endless meetings and appointments. Everyone have their own checklist to mark off, so it’s normal to feel off once in a while. It interferes with our performance and productivity and some people may cope with this through shots caffeine throughout their day. However, it may get you hooked on it and you may find yourself dependent on it to stay awake and focus which is the common side effect of caffeine.

Some people may not cope with it well and often fell asleep unconsciously in lecture hall, at works and even in driveway which could be fatal! One tip that I found always worked on me to stay awake is to inhale and exhale deeply to increase the oxygen intake for my brain.

And I can’t stress enough the importance of a well-balanced diet, regular exercise and enough sleep to maintain your energy levels. However, not everybody can afford the time especially for someone with hectic and busy life when it comes to balancing the demands of life.

Fortunately, Cergas by Dr Nabisar is a natural health supplement for an energy boost. Formulated with blend of traditional herbs with potent antioxidants to keep you stay alert and less lethargic throughout the day.