With sweet tooth cravings and love for foods may sometimes tempted us to exchange our health for unhealthy foods. Malaysian especially are more prone to do this mistakes due to the misconception about the severity of diabetes. They often disregard the danger of diabetes and this has reflected on Malaysia as one of the highest rated country in the world with diabetes prevalence.

When talking about diabetes, people may only think it as a common disease that is not that serious with fewer side effects limited on gangrene and amputations. But in actuality, diabetes alone causes more deaths than breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined. Diabetes affects almost all part of your body including your eyes, heart and most importantly kidney! That is why you may notice that advanced stage of diabetes sufferers will usually end-up with blindness, stroke, heart disease and in dire need of haemodialysis due to kidney failure.

This chronic and deadly disease have plagued 3 million Malaysian in 2017 and this statistic will rise to 183 million by the next 20 years if there’s no preventive measure to curb these prevalent issue. To make thing worst type 2 diabetes sufferer mostly doesn’t even realized they have it, and can even go unnoticed several years before being diagnosed with it. With any disease, an early diagnosis can help ward off complications before it get worst.

Being older, overweight and obese certainly will increase the risks of getting type 2 diabetes, but they can also affect people in all sizes and age especially if they’ve been diagnosed with other illness like high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. Pregnant women should also monitor their blood sugar level to reduce risk of complication during pregnancy and child labor. Gymnema Plus is a formulation by Dr Nabisar to naturally control blood sugar level with maximized therapeutic effects and without the side effects of synthetic drugs.



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