People are so worried about Covid19. This is because the virus is deadly and can live on surfaces for hours or days depending on the surface types. We are hearing also the appearances of new mutated strains which is more dangerous. All these are causing people to be unsettled and panicky.

To add matters worse there is no medicine at current time to treat Covid19 cases which is consensually agreed by the health authorities of different countries. At current time hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and remsdesivir have been used singly or in combination. None of them can cure Covid19 outright but they can improves outcomes such as need for mechanical ventilation, length of hospital stay and survival rate. The cost of each medicine is different. Price of these 3 medicines vary considerable between them. The health authority of the country need to make a careful decision in not overrunning health budget in selecting the medicines.

The whole world is still waiting for Covid19 vaccine although many ambitious companies have said in the last 2 months their vaccine will be there in coming months and until now anything has materialized. Other companies have said it will take another 12 to 18 months for them to produce the vaccine. However some ambitious individuals, learning institutions and companies have formed partnership and started producing vaccine although not tested in human yet. Yes we are in difficult time but one have to conform to safety first in producing vaccine. How a vaccine not tested in human will be administered in human just because it was tested in animals. People are worried how the authorities are dealing with the vaccine. As any scientist can tell you even when human testing goes well and when the vaccine administered in real life, we have cases of low effectiveness or works poorly. So in the case when the vaccine only tested in animal and not in human and now it is produced in large quantity to be administered to the population add more fear to people whether real science is used to make the discussion for the well being of the human race.