I asked my friend out to do a bit of shopping. To my surprise she went on and on about Corona virus and how she is so worried to go to public places and she is overwhelmed to see people walking in shopping centre wearing mask.
I was trying to understand why she is feeling what she is feeling. What have contributed to her feeling so vulnerable.I wanted to assist her to manage corona virus by taking precautions and boost immune system.

Is it because she is not a science student and cannot understand or appreciate the usage of mask in certain circumstances that make her feel so sacred? Or is it the media is giving such a kind of portrayal that she got very sacred. I explained to her the situation is not that worse that she need to be worried to go out of the house.
Mentioned to her not to worry about corona virus and lets meet up for coffee and I will explain about the corona virus. She agreed and we meet in one of the coffee shop in PJ.

I can see she was really nervous and worried about corona virus. I calmed down her nerve and mentioned lets discuss how you want to manage this episode of Corona Virus. Just mentioned to her, she should not expose herself to the people infected with the corona virus and boost immune system.
She kind of said, is it that simple!!!

Yes I said. Then she goes about why people treating these cases, corona virus wearing such an attire like a space suit when dealing with these patients. As a person trained in medical and science, it automatically registers in your mind that is it simple self-protection and not to spear the virus. But to a ordinary lay person, it overwhelms them. So we need to explain the situation to the public, so they don’t get sacred and do not want to go out of the house. Easy saying, they don’t become paranoid.

Mentioned to her also if she come cross any one sneezing or fever like looking, just avoid them. It is not an airborne disease, so nothing to worry about except when there is contact with the sufferers or carriers.
Just take nutritious food, sleep well and exercise and avoid stress and that will help you a lot since these things boost your immune system.

I liked the look on her face after that, a look which says she was just being and idiot and making a big fuss over nothing. She mentioned too that she will take double dose of TURGIN, an excellent immune booster made from high purity turmeric 95% and have Natural medicine approval from Health Ministry of Malaysia.