Head lice are the most common problem in most countries, especially among the schoolchildren because head lice are easily passed from head to head. Head lice only survive for about a day away from the host, while for body lice can survive for a longer period away from the body. How lice spread? It spread by direct contact with the hair of an infected person. Head lice also spread by contact with clothing such as hats or other personal items like combs or towels. However, head lice is not a health hazard or disease vector but can cause distress due to itching and bite reaction.

An alternative treatment usually includes the fine-toothed comb and lice shampoo. Using fine-toothed comb is the simplest yet safest method to remove head lice but it is very time consuming and not so effective in removing all lice. Using lice shampoo may cause dizziness, itching, burning and rash on the skin. Besides, lice shampoo has been reported not as effective as the lice become more resistant towards the shampoo.

There is a natural way besides using a comb in order to remove lice. One of the natural ways is using essential oil to remove lice. Lemongrass or the scientific name is Cymbopogon citratus oil can be used for body care. Lemongrass oil repels insects including mosquitoes and head lice. Citronellal and nerol are the main compounds of lemongrass known to have insecticidal properties.

Lice Lotion by DrNabisar is the first plant-based lice killing lotion that is very effective to rid of head lice and nits from scalp and hair shaft. Compared to other lice killing shampoo, it is safe to be used for children as it is formulated without the use of malathion or any insecticide.