About Us – Dr Nabisar

We are a PROFESSIONAL Biotechnology Company producing our own Brand Label & We do contract manufacturing (Your own label, Our Product).

We manufacturers Health & Beauty Products such as:

1) Skin Care
2) Body Care
3) Feminine Wash (OUR BEST SELLER!)
4) Whitening Lotions
5) Hair Care
6) Personal/Private Care
7) Herbal Supplements
8) Cosmetics


Our founder is Dr Nabisar. She is a Muslim scientist qualified from Cambridge University, England, Cornell University, USA and Universiti Putra Malaysia.
She uses her training & experiences in science and technology from prestigious universities, research centres & laboratories worldwide to produce premium quality products at AFFORDABLE priceS.

We only produce halal products therefore our products are of HIGH QUALITY, EFFECTIVE, CLEAN, and SAFE!

Our facility is GMP certified and all our products have clearances from Malaysian Ministry of Health.
We also have halal certification from Jakim Malaysia.

We only use NATURAL Ingredients known for their goodness through SCIENTIFIC discovery for your wellbeing.
We STRICTLY forbid the use of unnecessary ingredients just to charge you extra because this is a non halal practice.

Before using the ingredients in our formulation, we determine the functional values through scientific experiments and combine them with ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY for better absorption, quick delivery and we retain the BIOACTIVITES for maximum value!

We also continuously conduct research in producing enhanced products for ever demanding market needs.

Safe products
Effective products
Quality products
Consistent quality product
Halal products

Continuously improved products which adds value to your lives
Value for money products.
We buy highest quality raw ingredients from the grower themselves and not the middleman. We use latest machines and equipments in reducing production cost and maintenance. We select machines which work at efficient through put.

Scientifically Validated Herbs
There are many herbs/plants/other natural ingredients suitable for use but not all of these items are safe. We take pride in making sure we only use the natural raw materials which are safe and effective. Not all plants part is effective for the intended use. We do research in determining which part is good for the required bio-functions and only this part will be used.

How we produce your product
We make sure you get the best from the herbs, plants and other natural ingredients, biotechnology and the talent and skill sets of our scientists in producing your products. We want to share with you the discoveries and also the vast knowledge gained during research in the development of your products.
It is not just another product but a valuable item for your consumption and daily use. We have developed the product as what we ourselves want in a product and we take pride in the development of the product.

We select the finest quality of raw ingredients in producing your product. We check the supplier and visit their farms and facilities personally to make sure the raw materials are safe to consume and effective. They are not grown in toxic soil and their bio-function is retained upon completion of processing. We also make sure only selected part of the herbs /plants/natural ingredients is used to produce extract with special bio-function. We also check the raw material is stored properly before arrival to our factory.