Snacks, fast foods, desserts…please stay away from me!!!

I want to avoid this kind of unhealthy foods…but how??

Here are several tips on how to make you free from those unhealthy foods..

First, make sure you keep your fridge and your food cabinets empty from snacks, instant foods, and carbonated drinks. Starts to put plain water, vegetables and fruits.

Second, replace your desire..if you craving to eat junk foods and desserts, go eat healthy foods like fruits and whole grain bread. It’s good rather than eats french fries or crisps.

Finally, cook your own food at know your cleanliness level when you cook by’s better than you eat outside that are salty and oily. Cooking delicious food will prevent your desire to eat outside.

If you following these tips..i can safely say, you will be seeing good results. You will loss weight by avoiding those unhealthy foods and losing weight becomes easier and you don’t see it as a burden.