Recently I was talking to my colleague about how badly chemical poisoning can do to our body. The philosophy behind Dr. Nabisar is to provide safe and non-toxic products for consumers. I’m against the use of dangerous chemicals or drugs in any of my products because I believe they could do more harm than good, especially to our sacred body. Of course the news of Sg. Kim Kim pollution which has affected almost 857 schoolchildren almost immediately grab my attention.

It is reported that 111 schools in Pasir Gudang have been affected by this catastrophe. Oh! how my heart sank when I received the news. These innocent souls suffer from Methane gas poisoning which has made them fainted, vomit and there are some children even suffer from seizure! Who have ever thought that a supposedly safe ground for children have becoming a threat to them.

What happened was, these poisonous fumes have spread during the hot and humid weather and many of this unsuspected schoolchildren inhaled it. For your information, Methane exposure can reduce oxygen levels in the body and can cause organ damage, including the brain and heart. Hopefully, none of those children have severe and acute toxic poisoning of this chemical.

This terrible impact of urbanization in Malaysia has caused great consequences to our country and its natural environment. Many of our natural landscape like rivers, lake, hills, mountain, and forests have been exploited by irresponsible individuals and corporate organizations. For decades, uncontrolled logging activities, illegal farming near the rivers and poor waste management by irresponsible companies or factory owners have made innocent people pay for their lives.

Landslides, toxic poisoning, flashflood are common environmental disasters that have claimed great casualties. Stricter legislation has to be made by our government in order to curb these issues. In the meantime, we could just hope that none of this will happen again in the future.