The first encounter we have after waking up is with phone right? Looking back, I can remember how bulky our mobile phone was. Over decades of transformation, our mobile phone becomes more compact, slimmer and should I say-‘smarter’. It has almost everything we need-alarm clock, map, calculator, google, e-books, news, entertainment video, messaging app, schedule and so much more. In fact they’re almost like an extension of us at this point. This technological advance has utterly changed our lives, the way we communicate and socialize.

It offers us access to so much information at our fingertips, latest news and trends. Some of us even get addicted to online gaming, shopping and social media platforms because of it.

However, with this technological advances, we are also exposed to new danger which is blue light emitted by smart phone that is actually not good for us especially for the children. However many parents are unaware of its impact and still use it as a tool to distract kids from throwing tantrums. Yup, I’m sometimes guilty of this too.

Continuous exposures to blue light over time especially to the children can actually cause irreversible damage to the eye known as macular degeneration which is one of the leading causes of blindness. This is because blue lights have shorter wavelengths and more energy, and it is toxic to the eye’s retina since it can kill photoreceptors responsible for detecting lights and it won’t regenerate!

Integrating diets enriched with anti-oxidant, adopting healthier lifestyles by quitting smoking, avoiding looking at computer screens for too long can be helpful for maintaining and improving the conditions of your eyes. Eye vision by Dr. Nabisar is a great product formulated with very high antioxidant enriched ingredients specifically for the eye to combat these modern issues.