If there’s a genetic ‘report card’ where you could predict the disease that you are more likely to get, would you want to do it? It’s basically a predictive test on your gene where it will identify whether you carry some kind of a mutation that will make you ill.

Have you heard of BRCA gene test? Yup, the one made famous by Angelina Jolie. With this test, she can promptly determine whether she carry the same mutation gene that her mom carry (her mother had died of it) and it turns out that she did have the cancer gene in her. Her decisive double mastectomy to avoid any risk of breast cancer have made women across the globe streamed to hospitals to test against this hereditary disease.

Even though gene mutation does not inevitably lead to breast cancer, personally I find that its wise for women to get this test only if you see a pattern of breast or ovarian cancer from your blood-related relatives. For these people, having this preventive measure can significantly reduce their risk of developing ovarian or breast cancer- either they can undergo surgeries or opt for intensive surveillance for the early signs of cancer with MRI scans.

However, it is also worth noting that gene expression can be turned off and on by environmental factor and lifestyle choices including stress, unhealthy diet and etc. Only a relatively small number of these cancers are caused by these gene faults. In the end, whether you have it or not, we can’t deny that healthy lifestyle is key when addressing any health-related issues.