It was reported that Malaysians have a higher stress level at 65% which is 10% higher than the global average stress level of 53%. This are well documented through rising case of depression and suicide among Malaysians which we could see on the news.

In order to be healthy, stress should only be short-term because stress can affect you physically, mentally and socially.

Generally, there are two kinds of stress that can affect us which are eustress (good stress) and distress (bad stress). As a response to fear or stress, our adrenal glands will release a stress hormone also known as cortisol as part fight-or-flight mechanism. Stress is very common for everyone and a little stress here and there sometimes can be a push for us to achieve our goals in life.

However, baseless anxiety rooted from distress will only causes the fight-or-flight mechanism to backfire and consequently sabotaging our bodies and minds. The increase of cortisol will interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, promote weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease. Chronic stress and elevated cortisol levels also increase risk for depression, mental illness, and lower life expectancy.

Therefore, it is important for us to manage our stress effectively to reduce stress and cortisol levels. Regular physical activity even as simple as climbing some stairs or having a stroll in the park can help our brain to release fun chemicals like serotonin, endorphins and dopamine to reverse signs of stress. These chemicals in the brain will help us ward off the negative stress and depressions. Among other things, relaxing meditation and a boost of Vitamin E either from the sun or supplement like Dr Nabisar ‘Tocotrienols + Vit E’ can also lower stress level.