Of course it is not normal for us to pass a stool with bloody stain on it. But if you’re not “going” as often as you should and you always feel bloated and uncomfortable, then this might probably happened.

Bloody stool could be a sign of untreated constipation. Continuous case of constipation may eventually result in hemorrhoids or anal fissure. When passing a hard stool, it might tear the lining of the anus.

Sometimes increased pressure due to constipation may also leads to hemorrhoids in which the blood vessels become swollen and engorged. Due to this, bowel movement will easily result in minor rectal bleeding and you can see bright red (fresh) blood on the stool. But be sure that the blood stain is not tarry or black-ish in colour, if so you must consult your doctor since it might indicate a more serious problem than just a case of constipation.

Hydration is key when treating constipation. Be sure to rehydrate yourself after an intense workout or on a hot sunny day to replenish your bowel system with hydration. Incorporating fibre from fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables and seeds can also reduce the occurrences of constipation.  Keep your bowels moving by exercising regularly will help too.