Mercury, tretinoin, hydroquinone and its derivatives are popular ingredients in skincare products especially in Asia due to its immediate results in skin lightening. In a race to whiten skin and erase pigmentation and spots, these chemical ingredients may looks like pretty attractive; however they are hidden dangers with the use of these ingredients

Mercury and hydroquinone in particular has been widely discussed ingredients in skin lightening products due to its health risks controversies. Mercury without a doubt is not a safe option for lightening the skin and even have been acknowledged by WHO due to its high risks kidney damage. When applied to the skin, it can be absorbed in the blood stream and over times with frequent use, this will lead to renal failure due to chronic mercury poisoning. Kidney failure may ensue within 5 years of using cosmetics or skincare with mercury in it.

There even some evidence that hydroquinone may acts as a carcinogen and cause abnormal adrenal glands. But the prevalence issue with hydroquinone is it can cause ‘Ochronosis’ which is an increased pigmentation or darkening of the skin which can be quite disfiguring hence, defy the purpose of using it in the first place. Tretinoin on the other hand is known to be irritating to the skin and causes redness and flakiness among its common side effects.

Therefore, it is important to check the ingredients of things that you put on your skin since it may affect you long term. Anti Pigmentation Cream by Dr Nabisar is a blend of natural ingredients safe for lightening and even out skin tone without the side effects of these chemicals.



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