Throbbing, pounding pain in the head can sometimes raise a concern especially when the pain gets worst even though it is extremely common for most people. Common types of headaches include tension headaches, migraine or cluster headaches, and sinus headache. A headache may come with a cold, flu, fever or other viral illnesses. Sometimes headaches can be a sign of excess intake of sodium in our diet. Malaysian foods are known for its flavourful kick usually with a hefty addition of salt, however, those can contribute to increased blood pressure and this could cause problems to the blood vessel in our brain. That’s why headaches ensue soon after eating salty food for some people.

A headache may also be a sign for something more serious. It could be a sign of a brain tumor, brain infection or other serious illnesses. So don’t hesitate to see a doctor if your headache feels abnormal or happen too frequent.

People today have become fixated on their virtual world. Staring at PC, laptop, smartphones, and tablets for hours without rest is actually straining the eyes and making us prone to headaches and for some, it can trigger a migraine which is not a pleasant experience for anyone, believe me!

Lifestyles changes like managing stress through relaxing activities like yoga, gardening, and rhythmic exercise can help reduce everyday stress. Not only these activities can reduce the frequency of headaches, but they can also boost our energy and mood, improve our mental and physical health, hence improving our overall health. Substituting salt-heavy foods with diet enriched with fruit and vegetables with high antioxidant can help to reduce risks of a headache. HD care by Dr. Nabisar is formulated to deliver premium antioxidant-enriched plant extract which can protect the brain cells from oxidative stress damages and improving the blood vessels.



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