Many people skip sunscreen as part of their skincare routine believing that this will not affect them especially for those who don’t go out in the sun as much. However, damaging rays penetrate glass. Therefore, without sunscreen you’re not protected as long the sun light touches you. There are proofs to show the long-term effects of UV rays on human skin.

A 69-year-old’s truck driver has been exposed to the sun for 28 years of his life. Interestingly enough, the side of his face exposed to sun during his truck-driving career shown significant photodamaged skin compared to the other side which was covered and relatively unharmed.

It proved to us that UV rays are able to penetrate glass windows and clouds and long-term exposure to it can affect our skin health and possibly increase rate of skin aging and skin cancer. There are no exceptions for men or women when it comes to sun damage. Everyone is exposed to it and it’s our responsible to protect ourselves against its harmful rays.

The two UV rays responsible for this damage are UVA and UVB. UVA penetrated deep into the skin and causes long-term skin damage like aging and wrinkles whereas UVB causes sunburn. Dr. Nabisar sporty sunscreen SPF 100 is formulated specifically for those with active lifestyle who loves to be out in the sun such as sailing, golfing and playing sports. Its formulation is packed with antioxidants plant extracts to protect the skin from free radicals with high SPF protection. Undoubtedly, the sun is the essence of life, but we must protect ourselves against its harmful rays.



Dr. Nabisar