“More than one person is diagnosed as blind in Johor state every week, either due to cataract, glaucoma or diabetes and there are now cases of younger patients going blind due to these problems”.


This recent statement by an ophthalmologist caught my eyes and intrigues with its alarming stats. Malaysians are topping the chart for obesity and diabetes in Asia, it’s no surprise that we are now facing these issues. Luckily, 80% of vision problems worldwide are actually avoidable or even curable if proper attention was given to address these issues depending on the forms of eye illnesses. This is because not all form of blindness occurs suddenly, they may actually develop over time due to aging or even lack of self-care.

Blurry or clouded visions, double vision, sudden eye pain are common signs of eye illnesses. Eye illnesses like cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, and stroke are the leading cause of vision loss. Diabetes, smoking, excess tearing due to contacts lens usage, light, wind or temperature are all possible factors of these eye problems and they are actually avoidable!

Integrating diets enriched with anti-oxidant, adopting healthier lifestyles by quitting smoking, protecting eyes from UV rays by wearing sunglasses, avoiding looking at computer screens for too long can be helpful for maintaining and improving the conditions of your eyes. A proper hygiene routine when using contact lenses is also very important to avoid any risks of eye infections. Since what you put on the plate actually can actually boost the health of your eyes, Eye vision by Dr. Nabisar is a great product formulated with very high antioxidant enriched ingredients specifically for the eye.



Dr. Nabisar.