Yellowish skin and eyes, itchy skin, bad breath, blemishes and hyperpigmentation on face, chronic fatigue and palms that appears red might be the subtle signs of something more serious which is liver problems. So think again before you disregard these subtle signs because the actual problem lies beneath might shock you!

Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common type of liver cancer and rated as one of the leading causes of death globally. Even though HBV and HCV are the main causes of liver problems, some 60% of Malaysians are at risk of dying to fatty liver. This is a worrying current health issues since Malaysians today are topping the chart for obesity and diabetes compared to other Asian countries.

Unhealthy diet intake by Malaysians like high calorific greasy, fried, fatty and sugar-packed foods is the contributors for these problems.  Malaysians also notoriously known for their sedentary lifestyle which further exacerbate these issues.  Heavy alcohol consumption also has been dubbed as one of the leading factors. Over times, these factors cause damages to the liver and these results in scarring (cirrhosis), which lead to liver failure.

Therefore maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight is important in order for us to dodge this current scourge of liver disease. For example, besides maintaining a healthy weight, improving ones diet with high level of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties can also help since they can increase and restore glutathione levels, thereby enhancing detoxification and anti-oxidation. Livclean by Dr. Nabisar are specifically formulated as an alternative for improving liver health which could be taken as part of a healthier diet initiative.


Dr. Nabisar.