World is a tough place with so many challenges and difficulties but at the same time it also offers the beauty of life.

In our life we meet so many different type of people, some give motivation and others busy with their own lives and there are few who will say you cannot make it. So how you handle or manage this situation?

One must be level headed and believe only you can demotivate yourself and not others. For every negative words directed to ourselves, we must be able to brush it off and even better if you could proof to them you are capable to do anything if you set your mind on it.

Sometimes we’ll feel demotivated when we see someone who is more successful compared to us. The easiest example is like your parents always praising other sibling for having a good job, having a big car and live a better life while we are still searching for a job and have no income.

So, let us learn what you need to do to motivate yourself.. First,set your goals! Only you know what you really capable and not capable. Only you know your ambitions and what to be. Choose you goals according to your strength and abilities or skills, that makes you more unique than anyone else. Just convince yourself and start to use a checklist to plan your mission. Next, Don’t be afraid when make mistakes. Just learn from it..then you will find the solutions. Learn from your mistakes and embrace them! It is the key for you to seek your success. Finally, make sure you always stay positive. Always say to yourself that ‘I can do it!’. To stay calm and positive you need to keep in touch and always meet successful persons. It is important to know and appreciate all the different experiences they have to go through in realizing the dream by proving people who demotivated them.

Challenges in life will be the sweet memories when you achieve success. That is why self-motivation is so important..please my friends, don’t give up on your dreams!