“Mom, I am feverish, said a boy with his hands on his forehead.

“Oh my..your body is so hot dear.. let’s go to ‘Klinik 1 Malaysia’”, said his mother.

Parents feel relieved when ‘Klinik 1 Malaysia’ started operation in Malaysia..

Guess why? Klinik 1 Malaysia helps people who cannot afford private treatment or way out from a government hospital.  You are able to get treatment and medicines in ‘Klinik 1 Malaysia’ with RM1 only. Treatment is fast.

People need to know that ‘Klinik 1 Malaysia’ only treat mild illnesses such as fever, cough or minor injuries. Chronic cases will be referred to ‘Klinik Kesihatan’ or hospitals.

With this approach, ‘Klinik 1 Malaysia’, really help to reduce the number of patients in hospitals.