Throwing babies? Why does this happens in Malaysia? The sad news is the one who gives birth and abandon the babies are the woman who actually gives birth to the child and mainly these women are Muslims!

Recently we hear this news quite often. The numbers of abandoned babies are increasing day by day. Baby is a gift of God to a couple. For one minute did they think what would happen to their baby if they just abandon the baby? Are they selfish or there are other reasons for the negative action.

Why this happens in our society? Is it the society is very judgmental against mother’s who throw their babies? Could the society also have a role why these women abandon these babies.

Let’s look at the contributing factors leading to baby throwing.

Generally the woman succumb to throw her baby due to being ashamed having a child out of wedlock, cannot afford to raise the child and no support from family members to raise  child out of wedlock.

In many baby abandon cases, the man not looking for commitment and just want to enjoy themselves. They choose to run away and leave their partners to face the problems alone.

And for the thrown babies..sadly I must said that they are innocent. What happens to their future for not having parents to love, feed and raise them?

So we have to be thankful to God as we are raised well and have a shelter to live in. For the thrown babies I pray that you’ll become successful individuals and God have written a happy destiny for you.