Wow we have collected RM90.3 million as of yesterday. What a wonderful news!!!

Little if compared to the amount of debts that we inherited from the mismanagement of finance from the previous government.

But it makes me happy because we have started the ball to roll and before we knew it, we would have collected a lot for this good cause.

Malaysians from all walks of life have start donating and imagine RM1 per person per month for 12 months with a population of 32Mil, we would have collected RM384 Mil a year and if it is collected for 5 years then, it would be RM23 Billion. That is a big achievement a alittle help to save our country of debt and future generation from hardship.

Lets all Malaysians come together and start donating and be generous because the more we donate to tabung harapan, the quicker our ‘tabung’ becomes fuller and we become debt free earlier than anyone expected.