I am really wondering how a 37 year old person could drive a nation to the greatest debt at all time.What has happened to our leaders from the executive and administration for allowing this to happen.There was no check and control at all stages? If it is the case what Malaysian executive and administration stood for during this time.It appears the country was run by a complete group of people with self-interest and have no respect and compassion for the rakyat.

While the rakyat working hard and  accommodating the price hike in living expenses, a portion of their tax contribution was allocated to pay this so called leaders of the country to enjoy a comfortable life style.

It is amazing how there was no check and control for big blunders like this to happen. The actual person who had to take care,playfully overlooked the guidelines and requirements in pleasing the politicians and also have their vested interest. So what we learn from this is,we can have the rules but if it is not observed, the rakyat will be left in a lurch and not protected.Another lesson is not to leave the check and control in the hands of the executive and administration power alone becauserecent events have shown that many of them have their own vested interest and they are least concern about the welfare of the Rakyat.