Are people really worried about alternative medicine? What is the reason? Not safe, not effective?

We started off our civilization using traditional medicine, which is also known as alternative medicine. In this our forefathers use plants, herbs, fungus and animals for medicinal purposes.

However this started to change where now people are more comfortable with modern medicine and many are skeptical with traditional medicine.

Why this happened? This is because many reported cases of people experiencing not so good results and sometime detrimental to one’s health when herbs and plants used for treatment.

There is also this lobby group which says ‘modern or western medicine is the cure and can be trusted. They claim western or modern medicine has been tested and validated scientifically in GLP and GMP environment. Further this drugs has been tested on animal and human being. How many times have we heard a medicine got side effects and have been called back because causing detrimental effect to the users even though they have gone through stringent development and testing processes.

To sort this problems and also championing for herbs and plants from mother nature , which are natural and have many superior medicinal properties, I started my research in Bio-Pharmaceutical or short form Bio-Pharma.  Therefore, what is alternative medicine or traditional medicine is given a new spin where these plant bio-extracts are given the same development process as how a chemical drug developed in a laboratory is subjected too. All these while traditional medicine have lost to western medicine because the former was said to be not safe and the efficacy not known or proven. However we have shown through scientific test and validation these biopharma  natural medicine is as safe and effective or even better than modern medicine.

People are confident in using Bio-Pharma medicine for treating and maintaining their health. Cleverly developed Biopharma is the way forward for current and future medicine for mankind.