Malaysia is blessed with good weather and soil and there is a saying, wherever we throw any seeds in Malaysia, it will grow.

What a blessed soil but why many of our herbs cannot be commercialized? Is it lacking in the required properties or functions needs for the health, beauty or medical sector

or just the inability of us to create a market for these herbs. Through research we know many of these herbs with their bio-activity have medicinal, beauty and health properties, so why there isn’t many herbs commercialized.

One of the main reason is, there isn’t proper documentation for these herbs. They are lacking in Certificate of Analysis (COA). It is a simple document but many local companies, which are mainly SMEs

don’t appreciate this document. They don’t realize the importance of this document to the buyer/manufacturer. Only through this document a manufacturer will know whether the herbs have the required properties for further use in formulation and development of products.