Whitening injection! You familiar with it because your friends are having it?

How the media determines what is beauty. Is beauty all about just been fair or white? Why magazines day by day use white modals and not dark skin modals?

Certain magazine want to be political right, therefore they use few black modal but the prevailing truth is, they rather use white or fair skin modals. They make dark skin people feel inferior to the fair/white skinned so the so not white girls  go for quick fix or solution. But this quick fix will it sort out the problem? What is the disadvantages of this whitening treatments? One of the widely used is whitening injection. These days even man go for whitening injection, so they can be fair and in demand.

People need to be educated regarding the ill effect of this injections. Normally they use reduced gluthathion but long term study is not available and also high concentration usage can cause many problems as well.

The various side effects in the mildest form to high severity are as follows:

  1. Long term chances of developing skin cancer, glutathione strongly inhibits the production of melanin that is a dark pigmentation protecting a persons body from the harmful UV rays from the sun.
  2. Reports of adverse drug reactions ranging from skin rashes to the serious and potentially fatal Steven Johnsons Syndrome (SJS) and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN).
  3. Irregularities in the thyroid function.
  4. Suspected kidney dysfunction potentially resulting in kidney failure.
  5. Severe abdominal pain in a patient receiving twice-weekly glutathione administered intravenously has been reported.
  6. When not done under sterile environment it can cause introduction of disease and sharing of needles can lead to transmission of life threatening infections.
  7. Taking glutathione long-term has been linked to lower zinc levels.

Love yourself. Your health is more important than your looks. So, please avoid from this type of whitening injections. Don’t let magazine and other media make you feel not confident and insecure. This is their game to generate more revenue to their industry and make you feel insecure. Be happy with who you are and enhance with safe whitening products using ascorbyl phosphate, licorice, berries and etc. They surely work and these days manufacturer use improved Vit C molecules for whitening effect